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Mechron FZE can provide a multitude of power quality & installation services. Our studies and investigations can include:

• Identify your Generator operation issues
• Locate the source or cause of your problem.
• Determine the solutions to eliminate the problem.

Listed below are some of the services that we can provide:

  • Troubleshoot, Isolate, and Identify: Control panel, Alternator and Engine problems, let us isolate those problems, identify the cause, and make corrective recommendations that work.
  • Installation survey :Improper design of Power installation, Engine Oil & Fuel, Load Management and grounding system can cause interruptions on the Engine Control Management (ECM) and cause unnecessary shutdowns. This survey will identify potential installation problems.
  • Monitor Equipment Load Demand/Power Profiles: Monitor voltage, current, kW, kVA, kVAR, power factor, harmonics, voltage/current unbalance, and transients. This service can be used to capture, record, and identify intermittent power disturbances.
  • Written Reports w/Recommendations :All jobs include a written report with the investigation information and solution to mitigate the problem that is cost effective. The report includes the following: problem, overview, analysis, and recommendations.
When significant load is applied, frequency and voltage will dip then returns to a steady state condition.
This temporary change is called transient response.
The size of this dip depends on;
  • Amount of real and reactive power change.
  • Total capacity and dynamic characteristics of the genset, and the response of other loads in the system.
  • On removal of load, engine speed increases momentarily (overshoot), then returns to a steady-state condition.
  • The time required for the genset to return to steady-state condition is called recovery time.


Our field engineers have years of experience working in industrial, commercial, governmental, and utility facilities. Our services will eliminate your power quality problems, thus increasing your facility's reliability and efficiency.

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